Omega Pottery Shop ESTABLISHED 1972 in Reeds Spring, Mo.
autobiography and philosophy
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Studio and Sales Gallery of potter Mark Oehler

Omega Pottery Shop Sales Gallery is open 10-5 daily except Wednesday. Mark's pottery is arranged on simple shelving and invites the customer to pick it up and handle. The styles Mark uses are many and he draws inspiration from Ozark mountains and streams as well as the varied landscapes seen on journeys to fish or to sell his ware. We are easy to find with a little attention to your[map]. We are south of Springfield, Mo about 35 miles and off Hwy 13 on Hwy 248 near the Hwy 413 junction in Reeds Spring. We are on the way to Silver Dollar City (tm) and Table Rock Lake and 15 miles North and West of Branson, Mo.

Visitors and customers are always welcome. The potter's workshop/ studio is in the same building and Nancy or I usually appear quickly.

My highfire pottery is user friendly... all are completely vitrious and oven proof, dishwasher safe and can be used in the microwave. The utilitarian pieces are very easy to care for and only require the user to avoid rapid temperature changes, i.e. don't take the casserole from the freezer and place in a 350 degree oven. One of my favorite quotes comes from late 19th century American potter George E. Ohr, and I quote "God said to clay 'beware' and so it was"

Winter time (December 1 to March 1) has us closing at 4 and we may take Sundays off, too. When in doubt call first: 417.272.3369

I never know exactly what visitors are interested in knowing about me or a artist in general so I offer [autobiography and general philosophy]

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